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Electrical Grade 1060 Aluminum Coil for Transformer Winding 1.0mm x 1300mm

Electrical Grade 1060 Aluminum Coil for Transformer Winding 1.0mm x 1300mm

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Product Details
Construction, Decoration, Etc.
Surface Treatment:
Mill Finish, Anodized, Brushed, Etc.
5 Tons
O, H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, Etc.
Coil Weight:
2-3 Tons
Aluminum , Aluminum Alloy
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
Packaging Details
Standard seaworthy packing
Delivery Time
7-15 days
Payment Terms
T/T ,L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability
500tons per month
Product Description

Product Description:


1060 aluminum coil is a commonly used material for transformer winding due to its excellent electrical conductivity and other favorable properties. Here are some details about the use of 1060 aluminum coil for transformer winding:


Electrical Conductivity: 1060 aluminum has a high electrical conductivity, which makes it suitable for conducting electrical currents in transformers. The low resistivity of aluminum helps minimize energy losses and heat generation during the operation of the transformer.


Purity: 1060 aluminum is a high-purity aluminum alloy with a minimum aluminum content of 99.6%. This high purity ensures that the aluminum coil has minimal impurities that could interfere with the electrical conductivity and performance of the transformer.


Thermal Conductivity: 1060 aluminum has good thermal conductivity, allowing for efficient dissipation of heat generated during transformer operation. This helps in maintaining the optimal operating temperature of the transformer and prevents overheating.


Formability: 1060 aluminum coil offers good formability, allowing it to be easily shaped and wound into the required coil configurations for transformer windings. It can be formed into different shapes, such as rectangular or helical coils, to meet specific design requirements.


Lightweight: Aluminum is a lightweight material, and 1060 aluminum coil helps reduce the overall weight of the transformer. This is particularly advantageous for large transformers where weight reduction can lead to easier transportation, installation, and handling.


Corrosion Resistance: 1060 aluminum has good resistance to corrosion, which is important for the long-term performance and durability of the transformer. It helps protect the aluminum winding from environmental factors and extends the lifespan of the transformer.


Cost-Effectiveness: 1060 aluminum is a cost-effective choice for transformer windings compared to some other materials. Its favorable combination of electrical properties, availability, and reasonable cost makes it a popular option for transformer manufacturers.


Here are some specific applications of 1060 aluminum coil for transformer winding:


Power Transformers: 1060 aluminum coil is widely used in power transformers, which are responsible for converting electrical energy between different voltage levels. The aluminum coil is used for the windings in the transformer, which carry the electrical current and create the magnetic field necessary for power transmission and distribution.


Distribution Transformers: Distribution transformers, also known as pole-mounted transformers, step down high-voltage electricity from power lines to lower voltages suitable for residential, commercial, or industrial use. 1060 aluminum coil is used for the primary and secondary windings in these transformers.


Dry-Type Transformers: Dry-type transformers do not use liquid for cooling and insulation. These transformers are commonly used in indoor applications where fire safety is a concern. 1060 aluminum coil is often used in the windings of dry-type transformers due to its excellent electrical conductivity and thermal properties.


Step-Up and Step-Down Transformers: Step-up transformers are used to increase the voltage level, while step-down transformers decrease the voltage level. 1060 aluminum coil is employed in both types of transformers to provide efficient electrical conductivity and support the necessary voltage transformations.


Instrument Transformers: Instrument transformers are used in the measurement and protection of electrical systems. Current transformers (CTs) and voltage transformers (VTs) are common types of instrument transformers. 1060 aluminum coil is utilized in the windings of these transformers to ensure accurate and reliable measurement, monitoring, and protection of electrical currents and voltages.


Auto Transformers: Auto transformers are transformers with a single winding that functions as both the primary and secondary winding. They are used for voltage regulation, impedance matching, and other applications. 1060 aluminum coil is employed in the winding of auto transformers to provide efficient electrical performance.

Electrical Grade 1060 Aluminum Coil for Transformer Winding 1.0mm x 1300mm 0Packing and Shipping:

Electrical Grade 1060 Aluminum Coil for Transformer Winding 1.0mm x 1300mm 1

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