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Prepainted Aluminum Coil


Latest company news about Prepainted Aluminum Coil

Color coating aluminum rolls are also called color coating aluminum rolls and coating aluminum rolls. Color coating aluminum rolls use aluminum roll leading materials, architectural coatings are supplemented materials, after single -baking single coating aluminum rolls to produce assembly lines, putting rolls -before oil removal and dirting solution -color coating building coatings -air -dried -detection -roll -putting -put rolls - Package. It is also a processing process of dual baked double coating, three baked and three paint. The common types of aluminum rolls are: 1060, 1100, 3003, 3004, 5052.


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Common types of architectural coatings include: polycatis building coatings, double -coated polycats building coatings, double -coating fluorocarbon coatings, and food -grade stainless steel reliability building coatings. The purpose of the aluminum coil building coating is to make the coating on the surface of the aluminum coil to generate solid -state continuous coating, and give full play to its decorative art, defensiveness and unique role. The aluminum coils are sprayed, covering the coating on its surface layer, producing a continuous coating, sturdy adhesion, corrosion resistance, and conducting medium isolation and soaring on the aluminum coil plate to avoid or alleviate the harm caused by erosion.



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