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3104 Alloy Aluminum Coil 0.8mm Thickness H19 Temper for Beverage Can Tops

3104 Alloy Aluminum Coil 0.8mm Thickness H19 Temper for Beverage Can Tops

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JBHD 3104 Hot Rolled Aluminum Coils

JBHD 3104 Aluminum Coils Roll

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Product Details
Beverage Can Tops
Surface Treatment:
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 ton
Packaging Details
Standard seaworthy export packing or as customer demands
Delivery Time
7-15 work days
Payment Terms
T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability
10000 Ton/Tons per Month
Product Description

The 3104 alloy aluminum coil is specifically designed for beverage can tops, providing a high-quality and reliable solution for the packaging industry. This coil is manufactured using premium-grade materials and advanced production techniques, ensuring excellent performance and superior quality.

Key Features:

  1. Alloy 3104: The 3104 alloy is specifically formulated for beverage can tops, offering excellent strength, formability, and corrosion resistance. It is a preferred choice for manufacturers in the packaging industry due to its reliable performance and consistent quality.

  2. Beverage Can Tops: This aluminum coil is designed to be used for beverage can tops, serving as a protective and decorative covering for the cans. It provides a secure seal and ensures the preservation of the beverage's freshness and quality.

  3. Optimal Thickness: With a thickness of [insert specific thickness], the 3104 aluminum coil strikes the perfect balance between strength and flexibility. It is engineered to meet the precise requirements of beverage can tops, providing optimal performance during the canning process.

  4. H19 Temper: The coil is supplied in the H19 temper, which is specifically chosen for its excellent formability. This temper allows for easy shaping, stamping, and forming of the aluminum coil into the desired can top design, ensuring a seamless fit and reliable functionality.

  5. Enhanced Corrosion Resistance: The 3104 alloy aluminum coil offers enhanced corrosion resistance, protecting the beverage can tops from the effects of moisture, air, and other environmental factors. This ensures the integrity and longevity of the cans, preserving the quality of the packaged beverages.

  6. Surface Finish: The coil comes with a smooth and clean surface finish, providing an attractive appearance for the beverage can tops. The surface is suitable for printing, labeling, or applying decorative finishes, allowing for customized branding and design options.

  7. Compliance with Industry Standards: The 3104 aluminum coil meets stringent industry standards for beverage can tops, ensuring compatibility with existing canning equipment and processes. It is designed to facilitate efficient production and reliable performance in beverage packaging operations.

Choose the 3104 alloy aluminum coil for beverage can tops to benefit from its superior quality, optimal thickness, H19 temper, and enhanced corrosion resistance. It provides a reliable and efficient solution for manufacturers in the beverage packaging industry, ensuring the preservation of product freshness and delivering a visually appealing and functional end product.


Here are some additional details about the 3104 alloy aluminum coil for beverage can tops:

  1. Excellent Formability: The 3104 alloy aluminum coil offers excellent formability, making it easy to shape and mold into the desired can top design. It can be easily stamped, embossed, or formed without compromising its structural integrity, allowing for intricate and customized can top designs.

  2. Lightweight and Durable: Aluminum is known for its lightweight yet durable properties, making it an ideal material for beverage can tops. The 3104 alloy aluminum coil provides the perfect balance between strength and weight, ensuring that the cans are sturdy enough to withstand handling and transportation while remaining lightweight for consumer convenience.

  3. Compatibility with Can Seaming Processes: The 3104 aluminum coil is designed to be compatible with can seaming processes. It allows for seamless integration with canning machinery and ensures reliable sealing of the cans, preventing leakage and preserving the freshness of the beverages.

  4. Temperature Resistance: The 3104 alloy aluminum coil exhibits excellent temperature resistance, making it suitable for both hot-filled and cold-filled beverages. It can withstand the thermal stresses associated with various filling and pasteurization processes without compromising the integrity of the can tops.

  5. Hygienic and Food-Safe: Aluminum is inherently hygienic and food-safe, making it a preferred choice for beverage packaging. The 3104 alloy aluminum coil meets stringent food safety regulations, ensuring that the packaged beverages maintain their quality and remain safe for consumption.

  6. Customization Options: The smooth surface of the 3104 aluminum coil allows for various customization options. It can be easily printed with brand logos, product information, or promotional messages, enhancing the marketing appeal of the beverage cans and effectively communicating with consumers.

  7. Recyclability: Aluminum is highly recyclable, and the 3104 alloy aluminum coil is no exception. It can be easily recycled and reused, making it an environmentally sustainable choice for beverage packaging. Recycling aluminum helps reduce energy consumption and minimize waste generation, contributing to a more sustainable packaging solution.

  8. Wide Range of Applications: The 3104 alloy aluminum coil is not limited to beverage can tops. It can also be used for other applications such as decorative trim, closures, and various packaging components. Its versatility and reliability make it a popular choice among manufacturers in the packaging industry.

By choosing the 3104 alloy aluminum coil for beverage can tops, you can benefit from its excellent formability, lightweight yet durable nature, compatibility with canning processes, temperature resistance, hygienic properties, customization options, recyclability, and wide range of applications. It provides a trusted and efficient solution for beverage packaging, ensuring product integrity, consumer satisfaction, and environmental sustainability.


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