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12um Food Grade Aluminum Foil Eco Friendly 1070 For Sustainable Food Storage

12um Food Grade Aluminum Foil Eco Friendly 1070 For Sustainable Food Storage

12um Food Grade Aluminum Foil

Sustainable Aluminum Coil Foil

Aluminum 1070 Coil Foil

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Product Details
Recyclable Aluminium
1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 3105, 5052, 5083, 8011, Etc.
Payment & Shipping Terms
Minimum Order Quantity
1 Ton
Packaging Details
Standard seaworthy packing
Delivery Time
7-15 days
Payment Terms
T/T,L/C, Western Union
Supply Ability
500tons per month
Product Description

Product Description:

Aluminum foil is a thin, flexible sheet made of aluminum metal. It is commonly used for various purposes due to its unique properties. The foil is highly malleable, allowing it to be easily bent and shaped to fit different objects or cover various surfaces. It is also an excellent conductor of heat, making it ideal for wrapping and storing food to keep it warm. Additionally, aluminum foil is impermeable to moisture, light, and odors, providing a protective barrier for the items it covers. This versatile material is widely used in cooking, baking, and food storage, as well as in various industrial applications.



1. Versatility: Aluminum foil is highly versatile and can be used for various purposes, including wrapping food, lining baking sheets, and covering dishes.

2. Heat conductivity: Aluminum foil has excellent heat conductivity, allowing it to distribute heat evenly and efficiently during cooking or baking.

3. Reflectivity: Aluminum foil is highly reflective, which makes it ideal for reflecting heat and light. It can be used to insulate and protect items from extreme temperatures.

4. Barrier properties: Aluminum foil acts as a barrier against moisture, air, and light, helping to keep food fresh and prevent spoilage.

5. Flexibility: Aluminum foil is extremely flexible and can be easily molded into any shape or size, making it suitable for wrapping different types of food.

6. Non-reactive: Aluminum foil is non-reactive, meaning it does not react with acidic or alkaline foods. This makes it safe to use for cooking and storing a wide range of food items.

7. Recyclability: Aluminum foil is highly recyclable and can be reused multiple times without losing its quality. Recycling aluminum foil helps conserve resources and reduce waste.

8. Food safety: Aluminum foil is approved by regulatory agencies around the world for its safe use in food packaging and cooking. It does not release any harmful substances when exposed to heat or food.

9. Durability: Aluminum foil is durable and can withstand high temperatures without tearing or breaking. It is resistant to punctures and can be used in various cooking methods, including grilling and baking.

10. Cost-effectiveness: Aluminum foil is an affordable option for food packaging and cooking. It is readily available and offers excellent value for money due to its numerous applications and long shelf life.


12um Food Grade Aluminum Foil Eco Friendly 1070 For Sustainable Food Storage 012um Food Grade Aluminum Foil Eco Friendly 1070 For Sustainable Food Storage 1

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Value
Width 200-1600mm
Length Customized
Tensile Strength ≥60MPa
Color Silver,Can Customize The Color
Hardness ≤95HB
Alloy 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3003, 3004, 3105, 5052, 5083, 8011, Etc.
Material Aluminum
Elongation ≥20%
Thickness 0.006-0.2mm
Yield Strength ≥160MPa


Aluminum foil, a versatile material, finds numerous applications in various industries and everyday life. One of its primary uses is in the kitchen, where it is used for food packaging, wrapping leftovers, and cooking. Its excellent heat conductivity allows for even cooking and helps retain moisture, making it an ideal choice for baking and grilling. Moreover, aluminum foil is widely employed in the pharmaceutical industry for blister packs, ensuring the safety and longevity of medication. Additionally, it is utilized in insulation materials for buildings, as it reflects heat and helps maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. Furthermore, aluminum foil is an essential component in the automotive industry, used for thermal insulation of engine components and exhaust systems. Its lightweight nature and corrosion resistance make it an excellent choice for these applications. Overall, aluminum foil is a versatile material with a wide range of applications, making it an indispensable part of our daily lives.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for Aluminum Foil Coil:

  • Aluminum foil coils are typically packaged in cardboard boxes or wooden pallets.
  • To ensure that the coils are not damaged during transit, they should be securely wrapped in plastic or bubble wrap before being placed in the box or on the pallet.
  • The box or pallet should then be sealed and labeled properly.
  • The shipping company should be informed of the weight and size of the aluminum foil coils to ensure that they are handled properly.

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